Im gay and always get in a love triangle between a man and a woman?

Why can't i find a gay like me, i mean all the men that i met thier choices were me or a girl, and its started to bother me a lot its like im an experiment for them or a game.
they hit on me flirt some of them even asked me to sleep with them, they act like they are interested in me in a realthionship and when i fall for them, they tell me th truth that they have girlfriend or husband or i was a second option after a girl, whats wrong with me why i attract straight men? Like this guy was flirting with me the whole last semester then he broght a girl with him right in front of me, and other guy was hitting on me physically and behind my back he flirt with girls, and this is not the start my past is full of these bad experiences like they treat like im just kind of wall with no emotions, you might say thats i will find someone but im starting to give up, because it happenes to me everywhere at work school even different countries different relgion backgrounds ages personalties they all hurt me in the same spot, why they take me as a game how can find a real gay?


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  • Chase gay men in gay hangouts.

  • Ohhh those guys are bisexual and are just using you to live out their fetish. I guess you could try gay dating sites.

    • I tried online dating had the same issues.

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    • I know damn😞 no luck.

    • Well the other guy gave a good idea. Try gay bars. I have a feeling a guy like the guys you've been with in the past would feel uncomfortable being in a place like that. I think you're bond to find guys there who really are gay and not just trying to trick you.

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