I don't know how I feel about him?

A guy in my class, is such a D head. He's full of himself and makes people feel bad. He makes jokes with me too, but follows with something sweet. He notices changes in my appearance which surprised me. (No guy ever has) normally I stay away from these types. I dont know why but for some reason it really turns me on. The way he jokes and flirts in a joking way, make me kind of like him. I can't tell anyone though because i told all of my friends i hate him for his behaviour. In a way I do but its just a weird love hate thing. Can someone help me? Tell me what to do or what to think. If you need specifics, ill update the question


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  • hmmm this is kind of hard. does this "D head" have any redeeming qualities? is he just a funny D head or like a bully type? i need to know a little more. but most of the time i would say u should stay away from guys like that. girl like dating assholes because they think its hot and they can "change" him, but thats bs. soo maybe u should play it safe and keep looking

    • he's a funny d head. But still sometimes it can be offensive to people. When were alone he's really nice though. But even with his friends he'll still ralk to me and stuff

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    • Thankyou for the advice!! If there were more opinions id rate this mho! :)

    • aww well thanks

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