Girls, Saving Naked Photos?

Do you save naked photos of guys?

Like yestersay, an ex of mine showed some nudes of me to her girlfriends (a couple of the girls are my friends, that's how I know)

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  • I'd save them

    • Do you show friends?

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    • Well at least you got a compliment lol

    • For sure

  • No way! I always delete them within minutes of receiving them.

    • Why do you delete so fast? Are you being sarcastic?

    • No, I'm not being sarcastic. I always delete them right away. I'm always afraid of someone going through my phone, and finding them or something, plus I would want a guy to delete mine right away. Also I have a pretty good memory lol I don't know I just feel like it's an unwritten rule.

    • You should put a password on your phone

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