Guys, What are things you do to subtly let a girl know you're into her?

How do you flirt with a girl, who you are attracted to? What are signs to look for that a guy does when he's into a girl?


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  • First thing I usually do is look at her and let her catch me looking. Then I'll see if she starts paying me more attention or less. I really like it when they roll their eyes like never going to happen or at the very least they just completely tune me out, Then I know to not waste my time and I'm very grateful they gave me that signal. If she keeps looking and gives me a couple of more lingering glances I'll try to talk to her and see what I think of her voice and her attitude. Is she smart, is she nice, does she treat me with dignity and respect. If that goes well then I look to see if she'll give me a hint that she'd like to get to know me better. Most of the girls I meet never give me that hint, so I just give up. I walk away confused as to why they ever looked at me at all. I'd rather they had just thrown up the cold shoulder and not let me think I had a chance to begin with. If I'm not hearing questions about that inquire as to who I am and what I'm like then I know I've wasted my time and she ain't interested.

    • Thank you for the great answer. Okay, other way around now - What does a WOMAN have to do for you to get the clue she is interested?

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    • So I see a guy I like tomorrow. What are the best ways to signal to him I am attracted?

    • Talk to him and make it obvious that's what your doing. Maybe say something 'It's good to See you, I was hoping I'd run into you" and do it with a flare of enthusiasm and a smile.

  • Not sure if I speak for everyone but my tried and true method is to just curl into a ball and avoid contact. Slick...

  • Create inside jokes, go with a lot of playful banter flirting smiling eye contact

    • Inside jokes is a pretty good one. Creates a little intimacy and a personal relationship.

    • Yea definetly I feel like there's always more of a connection after that and lead to more flirting

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