I can't tell if he is flirting or not?

There is a guy that works at a local coffee shop I am into. I've been a regular for about 6 months since I moved to the area. Until about a month ago he ignored me and barely said hi. I was determined to get him to talk to me so I kept trying to make him laugh when I came in with corny jokes. He finally cracked up one day and is always super nice since then. If he isn't busy he also likes to take a minute to ask how my day is and have a small chat (like 2-3 mins).
Today however I had to go through the drive through due to bad weather and not wanting to get out and go in. He came over when I got to the window to tell me that I need to stop coming through the drive through since I always come inside. I told him its cold and I'm in heels. He told me it was warm inside so it would be better. Then he had to get back to his customers, but I can't tell if that was friendly flirting or just joking with a regular customer.


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  • Tbh its not a strong flirt. I think it was more being friendly. Just try to flirt with him more and see what happens.

    • Well from the time I am there I barely even see him talk to his coworkers and walks around with a general surly expression if that changes anything

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    • So I just randomly invite the guy that makes my coffee and his friends to a party? Cause that's not weird?

    • Why is that weird? You know him right and he is friendly and stuff. Hey else are two people supposed to get together if they never hang out. You have to get outside your comfort zone just a little and make steps forward. You might be surprised. He could be really psyched to hang out with you.

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