Why am I afraid to put myself out there?

I'm young, I'm good looking, I'm responsible, have a job and attend school

i sound promising right?

well why is it so hard for me to make any romantic advance towards a girl?


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  • Well are you funny? how different are you? Are you a life saver/ changer? How much effort do you put in to achive something? All girls are different. Pick a type of girl that you know you can attract and be the one she wants be with. Example. Shy girls sometimes are known to like smart guys. Then while being yourself. Connect with her on an emotional level and you'll make it through the door. Beaware though. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU BRING IN YOUR LIFE.

    • I actually am funny honestly

  • Do you go out and talk to girls often? If you haven't dated a girl in a while or never, it's hard to get out of that comfort zone.

    I know man.. I feel the same.

    • it's been a couple of months since I asked a girl out

    • That's probably it. You're a bit rusty. Practice talking to classmates/girls at school and work. Doesn't have to be romantically of course, but you get a feel of how you would behave when you meet the one.

      Do you go out often? I'm not exactly super out going myself.

    • This is it... Practice with girls you know better or have confidence and say funnier things... Walk your way through the process of reaching them and saying something

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