How to know you're in love? and how to know if he's in love?

I have never been in love before, and I am almost tewnty (in my defense I am philophobic:'D) anyway there's this guy that I think I like, but I don't know if I am crushing on him so... what are the signs?

Also I don't intend to like someone who doesn't feel the same way, so how do I know he likes me !


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  • If you think you like him, you probably do. Some things to consider: do you like him, or the idea of him? Why do you enjoy about him? Anything you don't like? Can you see yourself in the future or imagine being in a relationship with him?
    Feelings are hard to explain, but go with your gut. You'll figure it out :)
    Signs that he's interested include how much time he tries to spend with you, how he looks at you, how he acts... again, go with your gut and maybe get some confirmation with some people that see you guys hanging out together


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