A guy who stops another guy from teasing me?

This guy who is my crush by the way , also teases me nd pokes me frequently but whenever our mutual frnd " who is known to be a big tease by the way " starts to tease me , he gets defensive and say things like " stop it " or " dnt say that to her " ..

And right after that , that friend whispers in my crush's ear and laughs at him..

What is goin on here?


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  • He likes you. Choose a side.

    • How come he ddnt make a move yet?

      I tease back at him too but what else i could do? Cuz am interested in a relationship , got any advices for me?

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    • Wow you make sense
      But what can i do exactly? Would you pleaassse think of something for me? Cuz i dnt wanna tell him straight up

    • Try talking about him to his friends. I don't really know. Sorry :/

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