If your crush ignored you and now someone would tell you that they actually like you, what would you think?

This guy liked me but I ignored his signals. I don't know if he still likes me now.
Recently my friend sent him a message (I just found out) asking him how does he find me. He doesn't know her maybe that's why he asked her in a strange way what's with the questions. She then told him that I like him and he thanked her. I don't know how to interpret the conversation.
This is awkward, and I don't know if he thinks that I made fun of him.


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  • He's an ass hole I've been through that mess before.

    • Why do you think that?

    • Well maybe for you he's not. But when I went through this I didn't understand why the boy ignored me but he would tell me warnings like don't worry about boyfriends and stuff than one day another boy tells him that we kissed which didn't happen the guy is all done with me

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