How do you know if a guy that teases you a lot, likes you?

So this guy I have a interest in has been talking to me for a while. We talk a lot during class and we mess around a lot like, throw papers at each other and make fun of each other. I sometimes see him staring at me but not like, dead staring at me, just like a glance outta the corner. We don't have many intimate moment cuz most of our interaction is just laughing and talking and messing around. But he has like awkwardly hugged me before when he was like trying to scare me. He touches me a lot, like if when we walk past each other, even if i try to avoid him he will purposely bump my shoulder. Once I got hurt and I had to go home and he asked me what was wrong, and i wouldn't tell him so he asked my friend. So he probably was concerned I'm not sure. We will like share headphones sometimes and try to steal my food. He listens to my groups convo in class sometimes and avoids answering when I ask him why. and when I'm reading something on the computor and I'm like interested or something, he will like come by and read it with me. One of my friend was like he looks at you cutely when talking to you. But I don't know what she means by that. I think he has some interest cause he doesn't seem to talk to any other girls that way. But i just wanted like a different opinion on it.


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  • He likes you for sure! But it sounds like you put him in the friendzone already?

    • aww really, i did?

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    • I meant that he feels more than that but thanks alot!!

    • Okay good luck 😊

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