Things you can do to see if a girl likes you?

I've been hanging out in a group with this girl who I really like, and want to ask her out, but can't tell if she's into me or not. What are some things I can do while we're hanging out or talking to test whether or not she likes me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • "Accidentally" bump into her or put your hand partially on top of yours (if she doesn't move she might like you). Or try playfully teasing her and doing stuff like copying things she says in a teasing way


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What Girls Said 1

  • Please tell her u like her

    I hv the same situation with my crush who it looks like he really likes me but he won't make a move and i dnt know what to do other than teasing him nd smiling nd conversations.. he just won't make a move nd it sucks !


What Guys Said 1

  • Just ask her, and man up, but if you can't or don't feel comfortable, does she make physical contact with your arm or hand? Find an excuse to touch you, look at you often, if she does how does she look at you, with a bored look, or with a happy look? How often does she text/call you, How often does she ask for your opinion, when she's around her friends does she talk to them more or her?


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