Why did she do that? I just want to know?

we met through meetings at school where she help us in math, i flirted she hit on me physically she showed that she liked me she helped me a lot. I asked her if she would keep helpinh us on the same meetings her voice changed and she looked down saying yes. In the finals i saw her flirting with other guys so i ignored her she staref at me but i ignored her. Now after the break she changed her meetings to the onky subject that she knows that i dont need help with is avoiding me?


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  • The ignoring part probably got to her...

  • Maybe she started to get feelings but for some odd reason is running away from it 🤔

    • U know I bought a gift for her to thank her for all the help she did to me literally i wouldn't pass if she didn't help me, and now i look stupid what should i do with it now...

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    • Lol see im not smart, okay

    • I'll be waiting ;)

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