Opinions... friendly or flirting?

Questions and opinions. Interested in a guy but not sure if he is flirting or being friendly. I feel like he stares often, like when you can just feel someone’s eyes on you. He makes me laugh and smile and jokingly makes fun of me often. I just can’t read if he is being friendly or flirting. He is divorced, so that could play a factor in if any flirting, that it is going slowly. The last time I was around him before he left he kind of shook hands and side hugged a few people but, because I was in the middle of people, put his hand just under my shoulder or in shoulder area and to me it felt like it lingered, because he kept it there while talking to me and telling me to come out to another bar. I didn’t see him flirting with really any girls that night. Have known him for 6 months now.


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  • Not enough info. Post more so I can answer. Take a look at mine if you get the chance!


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