Is there a good way to tell?

If your barista is flirting or just being nice?


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  • Your barista wants tips and/or steady customers. He may be flirting for real, but you also have to realize that he is a salesman and tips are part of his income.

    • I meant in a he is interested kind of way.

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    • Well I have tried to bring up that my job is moving to the other side of town and will not be coming in soon and he hasn't said much about it yet... not sure how much more I can hint

    • Oh God, you just do not understand men... *sigh*
      Men are stupid - like dogs. We don't "read between the lines".
      So many questions here are like "My boyfriend did/said ___________. What does that mean?" It means whatever ____________ was. When it comes to communication, we are simple, direct, and usually oblivious to verbal "hints". Your verbal hints need to be much stronger and direct. Ask him what he does when he's not a barista. Then, keep asking about it or whatever until you can see if there's something in his words that describes something you can do together. For example, if he says anything related to food, suggest inviting him over and cooking for him... that usually is a home run.

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  • Honestly, as a barista, I'm just nice to everyone in a way that could be mistaken for flirting. The only way to find out is to flirt with him and see how he takes it. Give him a flirty compliment and see how he reacts. If he blushes, smiles, or flirts back, then he's not just being nice.

    • Well we talk some. From what I see he doesn't talk much to anyone. And he gets annoyed if I switch up not going through his line (hey whichever is shortest in the morning am I right)

    • I do that with some customers too. It doesn't necessarily mean he likes you. Like I said you need to flirt back, and with more than just subtle hints.

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  • Ask him/her out. Lunch is a good less committed way since dinner ends in evening and almost demands sexual conclusion. When u get a moment of privacy, tell her, "instead of just leaving a buck for my coffee, would you like to go out with me to lunch?"

  • I am just flirting 99% of the time.


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