Guys, how do you let a girl down easy? What are the ways when she shows she wants you?


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  • Usually by replying slowly and infrequently.

    But if we have gone on a date and I just didn't see any chemistry, I usually tell them that I only see them as friends.

    • Is that what you call the busy excuse?

    • @eskimo And then do you actually stay friends with them or they kinda fade?

    • It's not exactly a busy excuse but most people will get the hint. It's just that it's very rude to just say, "hey stop texting/talking to me because I am not interested." Unless they explicitly say they want to be more than friends, I wouldn't use the direct approach.

      @Lioness No, I rarely stay friends with them. The girls usually don't put in an effort to be friends anyways.

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  • Friend zone her, if she's not taking the hint I slow fade. Sometimes girls just don't want to take a hint and get all clingy. They want you more when you try friend zone them. It's kinda funny but annoying.

    One of my friends actucally tried what I'm about to mention and it worked. He just became super, super sappy. Started calling as often as possible and talked as long as possible. Sending love texts like 10+ a day. Writing love notes daily. That kind of thing. She dumped him in about 2 weeks. Was so funny. He figured by being an ultra mushy sap, she'd be sick of it quick and dump him which is what he wanted. He wanted to let her down easy, but thought she'd go psycho on him so resulted to this. So he got her to dump him. It worked.

  • I just tell her straight up that I'm flattered but I don't reciprocate and tell her she'll meet someone that will love her

    • he only says he's busy

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    • I was probably too serious for him

  • Just be honest about it, but not stupidy blunt

    • what if a guy is not being clear?

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