Girls, how do I fix this?

Long story short, I think this girl liked me but I wasn't interested because I wanted to get to know her better first without dating her.

I said something to a mutual friend like "I don't like her," but that's because I didn't want everyone to know since I wasn't sure. I think he told her because she's been acting very different lately.

How do I fix this without trying too hard/seeming desparate? I don't want to date her yet, but I don't want to close off that option.

Also, should I confront my friend? I have no actual "proof" he told her but I'm sure...


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  • If she was previously showing definite signs of interest, then you may want to just try talking to her-only if you are interested in dating her though. Don't pull her along until "someone better" comes along. And if your friend did say something, she may have taken it as you not liking her in general instead of not liking her as a potential date?

    Check with your friend first. And then, if you're willing, talk to the girl. Best of luck!

    • I don't know if I'm interested in dating her yet because I don't see her often.

      No, it was definitely as a potential date. What could I say to him?

    • So long as she knows it's just casual, casually dating her would help get to know her more so that you could see her more often and decide if it's something that you want to pursue further.

      Just ask if your friend told her what you said and explain that you are thinking about getting to know her better. Just be honest and polite with him. He might not have said anything at all.

    • The problem is I'm interested in other girls and I think she knows them.

      Would you date a guy a guy that went out with your acquaintence or casual friend?
      Also, would you ever wait for a guy if you really liked him or would just go out with just a decent guy if he asked you out?

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