Does it mean that the other person has feelings for you if you guys hooked up sober?

I was at my friend's birthday party, and I met one of his friends. We started to filrt and even got a bit touchy with each other, but nothing happened. After the party we started texting each other and started hanging out (not dates) as well as went out to other parties together. We nearly hooked up a few times, but we were drunk and it didn't seem like that right idea. Both of us know that we are attracted to each other. After about 2 months and a half we hooked up during one of our hang outs. We were both sober, but we didn't have sex. We made out and he was feeling me up, it ended when my taxi came (lol).

The guy's is extremely good looking and smart, and has a lot (I mean a lot) of other girls buzzing around him. However, I've noticed that he's only close to about 2 or 3 of them. Though I'm not sure of what kind of relationship he shares with those girls, I have a gut feeling that it's just platonic. I've asked him about them and he says that they're friends and he let me go through his phone.

So I'm wondering if hooking up sober could mean that he could have feelings for me? We both 18 by the way and graduating from highschool in half a year.


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  • What about being sure he has feelings for you and getting the relationship more serious before undressing yourself for him? Most men will agree to sex if the girl is easy and they won't say no if they have no feelings for the girl. So no, I'd say never hookup with a guy that you want a relationship with, until your are dating him.


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