Was this guy worried about coming across as creepy? Also, why do guys mention seeing a girl around?

ve been at my job for about a month. Second week in, I did some training with people from a different office. A couple of times I got paired up with this guy for an activity. We didn't talk much, but were pleasant to each other.

A week later I went to head office for a meeting and walked into the kitchen where he was talking with some girls with his back turned to me. When another colleague, this guy spun around and looked shocked to meet me. My other colleague offered me a coffee, I declined and this guy was like 'How about tea? Hot chocolate? You have to have something!' and in a joking was threatened with the fist if I didn't have a beverage (like in the old cartoons). I had a drink to pacify him.

Last week, I went back to the office to collect some paperwork and my manager is like have Chris (again his back was turned to me). I said, 'Oh yeah, I've met him.'
He turned around and said, 'Yeah we've met. So, do you live south of the city do you?'
I said I did and he stated he saw me a couple of weeks ago in a shopping mall.
And I agreed that had been me and I said he should have said hello.
He then said, 'I was worried about getting maced (pepper sprayed).'
At the time, I figured he was referring to the area in general (because it is pretty rough) and told him he'd be more likely to get stabbed.
Then my manager asked what it was like and he said that when he worked there, a fight happened at least once a week.
I've been thinking about the interacton and now I'm wondering if the mace comment was him worried about coming across as creepy. Any thoughts?


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  • You're blowing things out of proportion.


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