Help pls does he like me or not?

A guy in my school stares at me all the time like really often and I've looked back at him but then I get nervous and I look away but we've had eyecontact sometimes but he doesn't smile but he just looks at me a lot. When I'm with my friends or just sitting in class I can see that he looks at me (the corner of my eyes) but I don't know I get mixed feeling I like him but I'm not sure he likes me but I don't get it.
And I forgot to add that he's an out going person but whenever I'm around he's really quiet and he acts awkward


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  • im pretty sure he's into you. do you stare at people you're not interested in? probably not. same goes for him!


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  • Try smiling at him and see his reaction. He could be probably staring off into space, however.


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