Guys, why does my friend keep going back to his annoying ex? Can SOMEONE please help me understand him? Long story short below?

So Mike is my friend that keeps going back to his ex. The girl, Roxy (let's call her that) is someone I know for a while now. She's free spirited, doesn't give a damn about pretty much anything, she looks like a whore and she acts like one too. Mike is aware of that and he called her 'repulsive'. She's also not very bright, she's a natural blond (by looks and smarts) and not a really nice person.. She talked shit about this guy my best friend liked and then started dating him herself. Also she has no sense of style, the girl is just awful. Mike used to date her last year, then he met this amazing girl and dated her for six months and then when she dumped him he got back with Roxy. Then Roxy dumped him FOR ANOTHER GUY and now that that guy is out of the picture they're back together. Can someone please tell me why? And its not about sex, because Mike doesn't care as much about that... he's more into romance and true love and stuff.
I would ask him myself but we're not on speaking terms at the moment.
Any help is appreciated.


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