What does he think about me? Does he think I'm attractive or what?

My mom was In the store one day and she knew the cashier and there was a bag boy with her and my mom and the cashier where talking about me and she showed her a pic of me and she was like "oh she's beautiful " and the bag boy was trying to look and then started asking?'s about me and that night he found me on Instagram and messaged me he has not texted me in 4 weeks ( I have never seen him in person before) but today when I went into the store with my mom he was me walk in and he just stared at me and I looked at him but he did not try to hide he was staring at me he just turned around while bagging and stared at me until I walked passed him then when I passed him he turned and watched me walk away. When he got off work he liked 3 more of my Instagram post after seeing me today. So my? Is what does he think about me and what was he thinking when he saw me?


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  • Yes, I think he does find you attractive.


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