Guys, when you are getting to know a girl, what makes you change from serious to smiling the moment you notice her?

When you have had some talking and getting to know a girl. What makes you change from serious to smiling the moment you notice her? Is it flirting? Or something more serious? Do shy men typically smile and act cheery around a girl like that if they feel something for her?

What about blushing and stuttering? Is that only shy men or does the average guy do that too? If so, is it only if she's very attractive to them or what?

Just a few basic questions. I'm clueless with men. Or maybe I just don't trust my instincts.

What's the rationale behind the change from serious to happy/smiley? Her looks? Just being around her? Or something else that's hard to explain? Just curious.

Also for those of girls who have been burned before and aren't too sure when a man is showing interest, if you could give a few clues (I know there aren't any guarantees but..) that might help us girls actually take the initiative to invite/ask out...


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  • Could be, sounds like it. But it isn't trait of shy men, all guys get nervous around the girl they're crushing on. We'll get tongue tied, sometimes blush, we'll pretty much turn into idiots on the spot. If you can wade us through that, the much more charming guy will reappear when we hear and know we are liked back.

    • Yeah. The idoit part I think confuses us. Especially if you tend to do or act out of character for what we have seen.

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    • Or tie him to a chair? πŸ˜‰

    • I like it that'll work nicely do it :)

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  • Ok, I'll try to answer your questions:

    1. What's the rationale behind changing from serious to happy smiley face? Her looks? or just being around her? or something hard to explain?

    Yes, when a guy was serious but then when the woman he knows comes in his vicinity, it's possible the guy can change from serious to happy in an instant, now there can be many reasons for this one.

    A]. It's possible that he likes her, he has an interest in her and finds her attractive so he isn't serious around her because that's out of some sort of respect that he may have for her, and that's hard to explain.

    B]. Yes, it's possible that looks can be a reason for his change in behaviour, if the woman is very attractive, say 8-9/10 then the looks of that woman also has an effect on the guy or that he could be smitten by her and so puts on his best behaviour, no he won't be acting, that will be genuine behaviour.

    C]. However not all guys are same, so yes it can also be hard to explain, there can be many possibilities.

    However I am sure it's not flirting.

  • I'm a shy guy. If I like a girl I usually just look at her from a distance. And whenever she comes near me I go all quiet or act like I'm busy. It's really hard for me. Also the girl I like is really shy to do that makes it even harder. She did give me her number and now we text every couple of days and it's really cute. I'm just trying to build a good relationship before I ask her out. Thanks ☺️

    • And we both agreed that we should talk to each other at school. Which is a good sign

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    • Stand on a ladder for no reason in the middle of a party to look at something on the ceiling... Ummm... walk out of their way to get somewhere so they cross in front of specific person.,, etc,,,

    • Not for me specifically but I've witnessed those.

  • What makes you change from serious to smiling the moment you notice her?
    When I'm feeling good, I'm usually smiling to every cute girl I see - just a little. When she smiles back, I usually give her a bigger smile just to show I noticed her smile.

    Is it flirting?
    Yes, it is flirting.

    Or something more serious?
    No, it's not something more serious.

    Do shy men typically smile and act cheery around a girl like that if they feel something for her?
    I usually just listen to her very carefully and try to get to know her a little. I may blush and smile or look down for an instant. I might even stutter a little... I'm usually not exceptionally cheery, although I might get a little cheery when I'm nervous.

    Is that only shy men (who stutter and blush) or does the average guy do that too?
    I think the avarage man does this too (although I'm quite a shy person). It's not like HOLY SHIT SHE'S TALKING TO ME WHAT SHOULD I DO? It's more like: Does she like me back and get my signs? I think any guy get If so, is it only if she's very attractive to them or what? - I think every guy who's genuinely attracted to you blushed and stutters a little. These are not signs of inconfidence, these are just signs that show he cares about the outcome of the encounter.

    • Hmmm. That's a lot to take it. Its not that he always has been smiley, cheery but I have noticed a difference lately... So it made me wonder. I often err on the side of caution as far as 'signs' go due to past incidents. Sometimes... I'm not even sure what to look for. I can be shy too though not generally speaking. Just with a guy I really care about... I am bad with.

    • I think that's normal. I can be very open and spontaneous towards girls I just consider as friends and I can be shy and quiet towards a girl I actually care about..

  • Frankly, I take a lot of my cues from the woman. How I react depends a lot on her attitude and behavior. I'm not smiling at her just because she's attractive, nor am I smiling at her just because she's looking at me. There's a lot more that comes into play for me.

    • Such as?

    • Well, if it appears she's in a good mood, I'm more likely to smile. How she reacts to my presence is big in general.

  • The presence of the girl I like make me happy even if I am in a bad mood. Normally shy boys will look at you only if they are sure you are not watching.

    • Which is funny cause girls usually catch them at some point.

  • Love works best... If he's doing that he's likely falling in love even if he's not there yet.

    • Huh?

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    • Right but its obvious if he's serious or not showing anything and a certain girl walks in and he instantly smiles, brightens etc... Whens its enough of a change other people notice...

  • just need to talk to her.

  • Blushing and stuttering? Yeah usually shy finding you attractive, a lot of those you mentioned means they like you

    • Thanks. I mean I read up on body language and such but I'm still confused sometimes. I've been sure before and then soundly rejected and not nicely at all... It just makes me doubt.

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    • Yeah maybe it was only that one time, otherwise your reading the signs right for most guys

    • Thanks. That makes me feel a bit better. He made me think I was crazy and he was supposed to be a friend. Obviously we are not now.

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