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There's this guy I've liked for a very long time, he's a family friend and he's 9 years older than me, I've been seeing a lot of him recently and my feeling have grown stronger, to the point where the idea of him with someone else is maddening, I want to let in him know how I feel but at the same time what if he doesn't reciprocate and then everything is awkward from then on? Is there any hints you guys could tell me about that might mean he is interested?


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  • No men will hurt a girl's feelings. I repeat No Men. You should go ahead and open up your heart. Because you have nothing to lose. You have only things to gain. If a man doesn't want to date you, he will convince you in a much better way so that you won't get hurt. It's uou girks that break our heart with cut off replies. Go ahead sister. May God bless you :)

  • go balls to the wall. make urself obvious


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