Is she interested or not?

I've never once had a girl ask me personal questions, touch me in a flirty manner, or even give me a wink. I know this stuff does happen for other people but it never happens to me. So, I get little to no clues a girl is showing interest in me. At best I can hope for is a glance and 99% of the time that turns out to be nothing. So, when ever I see a girl look my way I haven't clue what that means. I've got this girl I know who's given me a few glances and when I speak to her she stares intently into my eyes completely focused on me whenever I'm speakingto her. Yet, she's never asked me a personal question, she's never tried to touch me, and she's never flirted with me that I know of. She's always the model of maturity and courtesy with me and that just blows my mind. I don't get the feeling she's doing it be professional at all. So, what's up with this? I really need some quick guesses to help me figure this out because I'll be running into her tomorrow. I'd like to know whether its worth risking make an a** out of myself or not? Please help...
I get the feeling the girl might be a little shy or at least wears a mask while at work. She's sort of a bartender and of course with that job one has to have a some what flirty/friendly attitude. Yet, she's never been flirty with me and I wouldn't even say it's been nice. It's almost like she's afraid to speak to me for some odd reason? Like she's holding something back that she really wants to say but is unsure about me. Crazy huh?


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  • With so little information, I would say it could mean nothing. I'm sorry.
    I know I always give my full attention to anyone I'm talking to. And I look ramdomly at people so...
    Is there anything else you could think of?

    • Well, her behavior of not asking personal questions or her not trying to walk up and strike up conversations doesn't strike me as strange. I'm rather used to women ignoring me like that and it fits with her character too. She'll talk to me if I approach her and I can only think of one time she acted strangely. A few months back I noticed her new hair style and complimented her on it. She then came over to where I was working and asked if I was going to fix this thing. What was odd about it was it's was very obvious I was taking care of that before she even asked. I told her that I was and she repeated the question, to which I responded yes, that's what I'm doing now with me even point to it, and yet she asked again the same thing, I was dumbfounded she had now asked it 3 times, and all I could do was give her two thumbs up saying I'll take care of it. And she walked off saying okay looking at the floor without even giving me a courtesy thumbs up in acknowledgement in return.

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    • Wow, that was so insightful. Thank you for taking the time to share the whole story.
      I feel like I've just read part of book that could be made into a movie ahah. Amazing.
      First of all, I don't think a compliment about someone's hair - even told with great enthusiam - is a sure way to show your interest. Maybe I'm wrong but I know I wouldn't catch the 'hint'. I agree, that's quite an age difference but some people don't mind it. Plus, from what you're telling me she appreciates you. She seems quite uncomfortable. Enough to get shy (?), she looks quite shy anyway - when she looks down. Her reaction changed after you told her she was pretty, right? So I think that's when she understood you liked her. It could mean too things : either she's slightly interested or she isn't. How is she with everybody else? Is she shy or not at all? Or maybe because of the 15 years difference, she doesn't think you're interested in her that way.

    • I can see why you're troubled. This is a complicated situation you're in.
      Thanks for trusting me with your story!

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  • Try something vague... like, "I'm on my way to grab a cup of coffee, would you like one?". That can be construed as just being friendly or polite, so you won't have to look or feel rejected if she says no. Just shrug it off. If she says yes, ask her how she likes her coffee or tea, and look for visual cues from there.

    • Nice and if it were any other situation I'd try that.

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    • Maybe she considers you a friend, acquaintance, or even boyfriend material, and the others don't? Hard to say.

    • I really don't know this girl, we've barely talked and yes, that's mostly my fault. She frighten me from day one and that was about two half years ago when I first met her. So basically I ignored her but I was kind to her when I did have to talk to her, I just never went out of my way to buddy up to her. Yet, during all that time there was just something unnerving about the way she looked at me when we spoke. I'd sometimes be looking across the room and see her and she'd catch me looking, but she didn't whip her head away or any of that eye rolling stuff, then go to ignoring me like most girls do when they see some guy looking at them whom they don't want looking at them. I'm so very confused right now.

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