Which of these girls is hitting on me?

So recently, a girl ( A ) added me on facebook and instagram at the same time and has been liking my all my pics, she is from my school and I see her mostly on Mondays and I have a crush on her, I've only aproached to her once before and I only asked if she knew where a friend of mine was..
Also, after this her best-friend (girl B) looks at me in the eyes and smiles , likes my photos more frequently than girl A and she gave me her (B ) number , I don't know why , I was drunk.. And added me on snapchat and every time I post a thing on my story she kinda of "copies" , I put a running pic , she post photos of her training.

Recently B retweeted this post of mine : https://imgur.com/o3Y5Vcw , and A after this started following and retweeted this also , only after B
I have no idea which of them is "helping" and who is "hitting" and I am pretty sure one of them is doing it.

Whilst the only thing A does is staring at me for a long time with a closed/shy/sad face expression and stops laughing just to stare (7 out of 10 timesin the eyes) at me with with those expressions , and even though B is hotter and always gives me a smiley look in the eyes I still prefer A I don't know why :\ ...

So do you guys think it's A or B?
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  • Sort of sounds like girl A likes you and girl B is the sort of wingwoman who lays it all out ready for her to almost take the bait.
    I don't know, this is just my opinion but looks like you're in a bit of a pickle there mate.

    • If I had to guess I would say exactly what you said , but on the other hand B seems way more "into" me

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