A Man living with the Past. ?

In school she is covertly staring at me.. I'm 16. She always tries to start a conversion
Actually good reason for it.
Let me tell you how many times did she crush on me about 15 one was with stalled on the door and looked behind at me. With very sexy face second was she drank soda and starred at me one that looks like from mcdonalds that was dayum, the others were just unconfirmed eye contacts. She does try random clothes every day. That's weird it's like she wants me. She is often buddy with trouble makers and other friends i don't hang out with that class they're bunch of kids full of shit in their heads. Yeah they tried to bully me even threatened to kill me. But it's 1v12 i won the last round but that's why she has hard time trying to catch me
Yeah but I don't communicate with class at all I'd rather insult ones trying to force to communicate with them actually I'd rather die than communicate. My best online friends betrayed me I'm outnumbered and angry but.. When i look at her all my worries go away


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  • ask her phone number.


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