Does he have the hots for me?

I started a new job and I am suspecting that my area manager is a little too friendly with me.

Him: Hey :)

Me: Hey ___ :) I hope it's OK for me to add you. I just want some people from my workplace to be connected with me. I trust your weekend went well. =

Him: Yes that's all ok, so long as you are ok with it also. Weekend was good, I hope you had a great weekend, back into tomorrow. Nice to hear from you, if I can help in anyway let me know

Me: And You too ☺

Him: And you three 😊
Then today

Him: How are things going at work? Still enjoying it? Did I give you my number if you need it? I can't recall

Me: Hello , How are you going and what did you get up to today? Learning 103 s today which are quotes. Started yesterday and got more involved with them today. I do have your number which was attached to your signature.

Him: Ok wonderful! I will be sure to put that in my phone, it wasn't in there yet. Are the 103s ok? I am glad you decided to join us, it's great seeing a nice smiling face everyday when I am there. Today was a lot of driving. Over the next few months I have a lot of travelling to do but that's ok :)

Me: Thank you! I am extremely glad I joined the team too. I hold you and ____in the highest regard. I remember during the interview that you said that even though you are laid back, that it doesn't mean people should take advantage of you. I just wanted to let you know that I would never do that and I would hate to ever disappoint you in any way.

Him: Are you are too kind. How do I motivate you more? Yes I am relaxed and don't like people taking advantage and I don't believe they will. Well I hope not anyway. I am really pleased you joined and we are very lucky to have you! 70% already wow that's impressive! You are picking things up really well which is great. Any extra help you want or to ever talk whenever just message here, text, email or c
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by the way, this conversation happened in linked in


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  • All of that sounds pretty professional to me.

    It's interesting, but people who are more closed or guarded probably perceive very open and friendly people as being more flirtatious.

    I've been caught in the pratfalls of "Is she into me or just friendly" myself.

    If he asks you personal details about your life outside of work, that would be more of a sign that he is interested in you personally.
    Unfortunately I don't see that in any of your exchanges.


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