Does my coworker like me?

Okay, so Steve and I both started at a restaraunt (him about 2 months after me) in the same position. We hated reach other to begin with, mostly because I was a huge bitch because of my anxiety and depression not being under control, but after almost a year now we have both been promoted to different positions. I started taking to Steve more as we help each other out or just talk, and I got my mental health issues under control so we are both cool with each other. In the last month or so I've realized I have a big crush on him. I got another bartending job on the weekends and tonight he asked me how it was going and we talked for a bit. Then after he was of the clock he stayed and talked to me for about 20 minutes when he normally runs for the door. So my question is could he like me, or is he just being friendly?
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  • I've worked in restaurants pretty much my whole life. So considering he stayed around when he was free to go is probably a good sign he is interested. You can't go off just that one thing, but if he you notice other things then it's probably a safe bet.


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