He didn't pursue me yet? What to do?

He seems really into me , smiling , chatting walking me home , poking me with stuff nd teasing a lot.. but he doesn't go out of his way to contact me via text for example nor asks me out !

Nd i try to tease back , smile , etc as much as possible but dont know what else to do?

Should i initiate a text? Or just wait?
We ddnt exchange numbers but we're frnds on facebook


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  • Even though 'He seems really into me,' he may be Feeling that you are Not 'Really into' him but just a friend till the end.
    Your smile could spell a million ways many days in which Why he has Not asked for your own celly number here, dear. He could be feeling it could get awkward if you reject him and he doesn't want to ruin what you both have started, even if it is friendship.
    You say you are buds on Facebook, so why Not take your own gamble and initiation Instead, and Ask him through a message: How about we exchange numbers now somehow?
    See where That gets you. Sometimes Today's Toms are waiting for Us Galant girls do all The... Newsfeed with our own Speed.
    I do think he likes you though and this could be the Start... Of a potential partnership.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the upvote, sweetie. xxoo

    • Ur welcome sweetie thanks for ur pip talk 😚

    • Oh, so welcome and hope it works out for you. xxoo

  • Some guys did that with me, I texted first but he backed away. What you have in your hands is an uncertain guy. Let him make up his mind, otherwise he's not worth the trouble.

  • Aw hate this! I find myself in the same situation quite often. It always ends with me writing him😬


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