Guys, They say dont chase women, so does that mean dont go for what you want?


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  • not at all. it mean dont appear needy or desperate.

    simple text rules:
    text less frequently and about the same length text. *i like to go one line longer but text less frequently
    if she has nothing interesting to say drop the text convo

    simple date rules:
    call and schedule date two to three days early.
    one date every one to two weeks until much more familiar
    plan a full date out but say that you guys can always change ur minds

    while on the date:
    one compliment at the beginning and one at the end. no more
    dont kiss her let her kiss you, if you did well she will kiss you, if she doesn't have the balls for it you will have her wondering why and shell be looking for another date

    follow these rules and shell be crawling for you, otherwise you'll end up chasing her. this works for the girls that you would say "play hard to get"

    these are some simple tricks for nabbing your target without appearing to "chase" them


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  • Well, not all guys are chasers, some don't have the ability to pursue a woman, not all guys like to pursue a woman but it doesn't mean they don't know what they want.

  • I stopped chasing women because I didn't have to. There was a more than adequate selection making their interest plain.


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