Girls why would you treat two guys differently which one of us she is most likely to like?

Well she can look at him in the eyes while talking, smile she even touch playfully. She spend time with him because they have classes.
for me she laugh at all my jokes, she get weird when girls hit on me, she can't look at my eyes and sometimes she get speechless, she stare sometimes and when i talk to her she look down smilling when she first met me she used totouch for long time, sometimesshe smile and look down.

when we both were with her she was nice to him butthen she ignored him and asked me if im okay or tired.

im kinda jelouse of this other guy and felt like i have no chance, what do you think?
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  • They can both be construed as playful actions though the first guy can be seen as simply a friend because she's more comfortable around him (it seems).

    My thoughts? Stop wasting time. IF she sees this other guy as attractive, you need to make a move before he does. Tell her you're interested in her and want to take her out.


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