I have no idea what to do with her and its driving me crazy?

We met months ago, we worked on a project together, she was nice with me, she heed more than anyone, since the first time we met ibstared at her lips she kept touching my arm with her arm, one day when other girl were talking to me she put her hand on my shoulder for seconds twice, we started to get closer getting more freindly, she started to more shy, when we are alone she look down smile, she stared at my lips once, then she started to do her running near my place, i asked her she would do another project with my department she said yes, but i started to ignore her after i saw her flirting playfully touching another guy, she kept staring like wondering why im ignoring her, she started to ignore me back, when she didn't see me for a long time she did her running even closer to my place. But then she went to another department, but today on the same times we used to work together she came to the same place same time and walked passed me without looking, then she talked to her freind near me talking and laughing, i was happy just to sit there and listening to her, she left so i went to her area i wanted to talk to her then i saw her behind the glass looking happy around other people i think the same guy was there i wasn't sure, so i just left but i felt terrible i never felt this way before i want her so bad and i can't have her because i know that it will never work, i feel like these os red flags, but i feel like i can't judge the situation clearly would just tell me?


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  • Just talk to her more and flirt a little. You're still young, live a little.


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