Girls, What is the best date IDEA you have ever had from a guy and did you take him up on it?

What is the nicest idea a guy you have not been seeing ever come with? Also, did he mess it up once you went out or did you say no to the date?


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  • My now ex boyfriend, the very first time we hung out he took me to the beach at night in hopes of talking and seeing the sunset, may sound cliche but it was cute. We were not dating at the time but i would often call him on my way home from work and meet him in town and just sit with him while he ate. Spending time no matter what we did was a nice change compared to such planned out dates all the time. He also took me to go fishing out by his grandmas house and we walked around the town and got ice cream. One evening we went to the rodeo at the local fair even though it began pouring rain and we got soaked. Because I cared about him I always took him up on his date ideas now matter what they were because I enjoyed spending the time with him.


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