What was he trying to say?

So there was this guy that I dealt with, we texted 24/7, would call in the morning and at night, he would tell me all the things he liked about me, we would have very serious conversation and this all went on for quite a while. One night his parents were out of town and i brought tequila with me and wr almost went the whole way but didn't. The next day he was acting kind of off so I spoke to him about it and he said he was just super chilled. After that we didn't text like usual so I decided to tell him that I was interested in him and i didn't exactly get an answer from him as he kept saying I don't know I don't know and that things happened so quickly. So after a few weeks of him just staring at me in class and avoiding me he finally decided to come over and talk to me like usual. Somewhere in the convo he worked in "oh you havr no idea how many mens hearts you broke, like you have no idea hoe many souls you have crushed" stuff like that and im just confused? Like why say that to me


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  • Dunno, maybe one of his friends fancied you or something, which woukd explain the 'hearts broken' bit and the avoidance. maybe he felt guilty after whatever you did that night which is why he started dodging you. Or he's insecure and projecting.
    Just ask him, say something like 'It was confusing and hurtful for you to avoid me and say those things, i'd like an explanation', if he tries to dodge questions I don't see why you'd even want him in your life, pointless confusion that'll amount to nothing if he's too immature to open a dialogue about whaevers bothering him, and then hides when people reach out to him


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  • It's his way of saying he likes you


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