Why he did this?

We have been working together and I really liked him since the day he started working at that restaurant. After I told him that I have feelings for him he told me he already knew and said that I was an amazing girl but he doesn't date with coworkers. After we had that conversation we became closed than ever. I enjoyed spending time with him a lot and I was aware that he was enjoying my friendship. After 8 months of friendship we became closed he opened up himself to me. He decided to move to another state. We said goodbye I even said don't leave me and he told me that he had to. After that goodbye he ignored my calls and texts for weeks. And I give up. I wonder why he started to ignore me. I can't find a reason..


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  • He probably isn't interested in a relationship right now. Especially since you two live in separate states and it may have been obvious that you still liked him a lot. Sometimes you just have to let things be the way they're going to be.


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