Guys, How would you react on it?

There is this guy in class I have a crush on, and there are some signs that make me think he likes me too:

- eye contact, a lot of short gazes but while we talk, it's more like prolonged

- we texted sometimes privat, while we're in some groupchats while he could ask the same. It was mostly about school

- sometimes he just stands really close, and you can feel a sort of tension

- he's mostly verry spontaneuos around other girls, but more shy while he's around me

- he is stretching a lot, and he is always fixing his hair

We have a lot of exams this week, and they pick some random students and place them in a classroom to take the test. The first time, one of the best friends of my crush was sitting next to me. I saw that he was checking me out the whole time.
the second time, my crush was sitting next to me, and his friend in the front of the classroom. And he was looking to both of us and started laughing when my crush looked back.

We're probably going to another class in a week, so I was wondering if you think he likes me too and if i should text him like: "hey, how were your Tests?"

Would you think it would be weird if I texted him like that?
Would you think it's weird if you were him and would get a text from me? 😅
Can I please get some more opinions 😁 Do you think he likes me too and would you think it's weird if I should text him?


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  • Go for it,,, see what happens.


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