Did he think I have a date and feel jealous?

My coworker flirts with me a lot. He made a joke about the two of us going to hook up together in the closet.

Yesterday i kept saying I have to leave early and that I can't wait for the day to end. I was also dressed nice.

He said "where are you going after work? I hope you don't mind I'm asking." Did he think it's a date? Could he be jealous?


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  • Yeah, he probably assumes that it's a date. Anyway, if you are not interested in this guy, let him know upfront, and ask him not to bother you anymore.

    • I like him. I didn't have a date I was just meeting a friend so I told him that.

    • If you like him, and he likes you too (it looks that way), maybe you two should consider dating each other, and stop with all the 'games'.

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