Does this girl want to start a conversation with me or no?

ok so me and this girl work at a furniture store. we used to flirt a lot. we both used to be on the floor working on stocking the furniture and stuff. its her dads store and she has since been promoted to a manager. since then our flirting has dropped and i understand that. I don't know today she seemed kind of anoyed with me even though i did nothing to her and have been leaving her alone to her work. i dont want to be a bother. sometimes though she will come over, as a manager though not in a friendly way, but then dosent say anything. we will stand there just looking at each other for what feels like a long time and not really say anything. so i said what? and she said i didn't say anything and walked away. i mean she comes up to where i am working and stands there with out saying anything. she wasn't inspecting my work or anything either. do you think she just wanted to have a conversation with me? this kind of happens a few times. i just think its kinda weird she comes up and stands there. shouldn't the burden be on her to start talking.


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  • She probably wants to chat, but is thinking about the job while lookin at u...


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