Girls I dont get it, is it a game?

We met flirted hanged around each other at work, i go to her even if i dont really have anything to share i just liked to be around her, she hit on me touched my shoulder, touched my arm with her arm, even one day when i showed up she let her freind come and her freind kept staring at me, so it was a happit to work together at that project we see each other spesific time a week. She started to be freindly act happy around me i did too. After the project ends i saw her flirting with another guy so i ignored her she kept staring but i acted like she is not even there, she started to ignore me back she avoided any work with me she started to avoide me. But then one day on the same day as the project time the same time she came to my area hanging around she has nothing to do, i stared at her while she walked right in front of me her freind noticed as i turn around to look at her freind was having a smile on her face, they kept talking laughing, i sat there listening to her pretending to fix stuff on a computer.
next day i was talking to a girl at my area and we were laughing talking and i gave her my number for work only not flirting, and the same girl who was avoiding me she was sitting behind the glass the whole time pretending to work she was giving me her face while her friend giving me her back, i went back to the computer then left to my disk, I thought that i should talk to her try to have a freindly connection with her, when i went out she was already left, i dont get it if she avoid me this much why she keep coming, i do want her more than anything but she really confuse me does she want me or not what should i do to fix what happened?


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  • Did u do anythin to annoy her wen with other girl wen she was behind glass. The only way to fix what hapend is to talk to hr


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  • Are you really 30-35? I see nothing to make me believe she has feelings towards you.


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