Is it too middeschool-ish to do a tbh on Facebook anymore?

So in the past as when I was in highschool/middle school (now a sophomore in college) how I used to talk to guys was doing the whole TBH- to be honest thing, where someone would like your status and you would write them back and tell them what you thought of them, usually it would be people who were interested and if I was interested I would respond. Honestly, do people still do that, is it desperate to do that? It gets annoying when there's someone you like and that they might like you but no one wants to be the first to send a message and your just in a "like" war. Is it a better alternative to just ask for snapchat names or give yours out. say hey I need more snapchat friends- send me your names or add me?
Any advice?


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  • Growing up is not all it is cracked up to be, you tend too not say the whole truth as you get older and be more diplomatic.

    Stay young and be truthful and honest.


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