How do girls flirt with guys via text?

So I've been talking with this girl for awhile now but recently she moved to Florida from here so we've been having to stay in touch mostly by text, Skype or FaceTime. But mostly we text, like every day, and recently when our convos end and we head off to bed or wherever she'll say something like 'Night Kobe 😙'', is that a hint or no? How do girls flirt with us guys via a text?


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  • Could be a hint. Don't mind the emojis though, they're tricky. Think about how she texts. Does she seem intrested in what you're talking about or kinda cold and distant? Does she write long texts or just "hahah", "nah", "yesss"? Ask yourself some questions. If she's genuinely interested, you'll notice and she might even tell you.
    I'm not sure I can help, I'm only 14 so I don't know much.
    Anyway, if I like the guy I'm talking to in a way that is more than just friendly, I try to know him better by asking questions and keeping the conversation going (even though I don't always do it if I feel like I might bother the guy), sometimes I drop hints by complimenting the guy for something, I might text him first out of the blue with any excuse possible (for example "it was time you changed your profile pic!😂")...
    If I'm really not interested I write short texts and I don't show too many emotions, I try to avoid long conversations by saying "I gotta go", I don't ask questions...

    Again, I'm not sure I helped, maybe I'm still too young for this. But anyway, wishing you the best of luck! ☺


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