Sooo I happen to like my PenPals.. would you help me?

Hello, just before anything, I'm a 18 y. o dude and happen to like two PenPals I've got :/ (if you wonder why 2 and not one being ''the one'' I don't know, simply like them both).

First PenPal: This girl is from my city (I live in the capital of my country), she contacted me through a PenPal page simply cause wanting a PenPal from the same country (after that we found out we lived in the same city). I didn't have a picture of myself or anything, she was simply curious I guess. Time passed and we would write weekly until our emails got too big (to the point of reaching 15 pages in Word). We reeeally get along each other BUT we got to a point were I was like 'wanna see a picture, but gotta be smooth' so I was like 'hey, why don't we exchange WhatsApp and I send you (we've already talked about sending records but through email) records since it'd be easier to answer everything?'. Cool part, she accepted buuut she didn't have a pic of herself (I kinda do, kinda backwards with a landscape), anyway, we started talking through there (this wasn't long ago) and won't go back to mail I guess. Now (and I mean today) she changed her pic (finallyyyy).

Ok, didn't sticked to the point. We kinda play with each other, like with fool things but we trait each other as friends (well, until now (btw she hasn't seen a full pic of me yet) we were just normal PenPals). I'd love to go further but I don't wanna fuck it up, also I'm like 'I could take a bus and in 2 hs I could see her, simple as that' (big city). by the way we've been talking for a year and a bit more (not even a month).

Sooo that, don't know if it really helped, anyway it's the first time I write it.


Second PenPal: This girls it's from the other side of the world, she lives in Northern Europe and I've been talking to her since May. We started talking mostly to exchange languages but we had lots things in common and had a good time to the point (at first) of talking like 4-6 hs


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  • Long distance relationships never actually work unless you have lots of money.


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