Should I have a bond with him?

I'm friends with this guy who I met in Algebra2. His name is Samir, and we became really good friends. We got to know each other personally, and we are really open people. What's kind of bad is that.. He can't date. He's Muslim/Egyptian. I wasn't going to get in the way with anything. I even told him that.
We talked about dating BEFORE. He was upset by the fact that he couldn't date.
Samir and I ended up hanging out 3 times. On the 4th hangout, I ended up going to his house. His parents weren't home, so I was a bit nervous. We ended up playing video games, and I kept beating him. We also cuddled, which I had all these butterflies. We ended up going to his room, and we cuddled more. He asked if I ever had a New Years kiss. I don't KNOW why he asked that, what do you guys think?

We ended up having sex. Yet, I still felt comfortable. I know he did too. We cuddled again, and etc.
To this day, we are still good friends. He plans on hanging out again because he told me he wants to hang out when he's not busy.

Should I have a bond with him? He's 19. I'm 18.


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  • Are you refering to bonding as hanging out? I mean if he can have sex with you, I suppose you could always be friends with benefits.


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