Is she really done with me?

Ok There's this young lady who I've been friends

with for about a year and a half now and the past 4 months we've become closer.(Still Friends THo) just going with the flow. Recently I made a move on her and eventually took things to 3rd base and I stopped. My reason was because I wanted to wait.(make sure we both were on the same page, and we wanted the same thing) but I ended up doing the same thing again, without asking where we stood) so now she feels I was wasting her time, and I've told her I just wanted to be sure this is how I wanted to do things, So now she's been anti social, real distant, so did I really ruin a great relationship before it started?

After talking it out She explained she was confused, she felt if we were going with the flow I should just let it happen, she says everything was so smooth, and for me to stop was like a traumatic experience (Her words) So now she feels as far as on a romantic level she's cool right now, Were still friends, but I do want more, but is it really worth pursuing still,in such a way or just keep playing that friend roll and go with the flow? We don't talk as much and it awkward when we do. I decided not to call for a few days and give her space and for the past 2 days she's called just to see what I was doing. It is just weird to call and not have anything to say


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  • Yes, she's really done with you.