Why are some men so rude ?

okay me and my boyfriend were in the pub round my area, and there's this man that I see in there every time I go in there and he has looked at me a few times.

Once he came up to me and said I looked scary but I think that was because I had purple contacts in . Anyway when me and my boyfriend were in the pub he seem to be hanging around us a lot, and said "get a room" to us. Then I noticed him grabbing girls bums and standing in front of us a lot,and being really loud, also giving my boyfriend dirty looks and then, when we went to go he stood near us laughing to his friend and said "woof woof" as we walked out. why was he being like this,hes fine usually.he hangs around with some of the people I no.


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  • Just another jackass that won't go anywhere in life. Don't pay any attention to his comments. If they become bothersome, keep ignoring him like they are compliments instead. The less attention you give this man, the better.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Thank you. what do you think the reason for this is? I've never done anythink to him before.

    • There are kids in this world that don't understand how to handle their composure and maturity. These people can be any particular age; it only means that they haven't grown up. They are trying to put you down to tease you, they are putting down your man and you ("get a room") to make him look like he is inferior, thus attempting again to win you over. This guy has no respect, don't worry about it ;)

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