What type of hugs are there?

What type of hugs are there and what do they mean? I mean every possible hug and meaning there is.


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  • 1. There is the hug that the woman just gives initial hug but no squeeze or movement of her arms after they locked in. This hug tends to be brief and lifeless...

    2. Pity Pat Hug. I love giving this to girls from time to time. While they are hugging you you give them a little pat about 3 of them on their back. lol... This is the I am not interested in you hug...

    3. Most good hugs last for more than 5 seconds and girls who are average height will press their side of their face on your heart area. If the girl is tall like 5'10 then they will tuck their neck into your neck.

    If I try to pull out of the hug most of the time the girls will instantly pull me back in for a few more seconds...

    It's like were the f*** you think your going? I am enjoying your male energy right now...

    4. Good hugs like #3 also have a good long kiss. Depending where it is happening.

    I look for hugs that women are the one's who are giving me a bear hug. This is always from girls who are really feeling me and are down for it...

    Good Luck.



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  • You can't forget about the side hug which means we're friends.

    There's the pick the other person up and swing them in a circle, I usually reserve this for when I haven't seen the person in quite some time.

    A major part is hand placement too if they are by the shoulder blade region, friendly, closer to your butt the more I like you.

    Of course there is the from behind hug, I only do it if I am really close like a seriously unnaturally close best friend(girl) or an actual significant other.

    The quick squeeze is just a friendly greeting or goodbye for a good friend.

    A really long squeeze is for someone a little more personal.

    The firm but not squeezing long hug is only for people that I really like and don't really want to part from.

    Then there's the resting of the shoulder, the leaping hug, and so many others...

    • Is a height a factor when it comes to hugging?

    • To an extent. The main factors to know whether a hug is just friends or more than is length of time and firmness of the hug. too tight is fun and friendly, too loose is just casual. a hug lasting longer than 5 sec is more than friendly unless you haven't seen each other in a long time.

  • most men a hug is just that. If he wants more he will grab your butt or give you a bit of a rub. Best bet if your not sure check eye contact or just be direct and ask...


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