Why did he stop flirting and paying attention to me?

he used to always flirt with me and say hi, now he just acts like I'm not even there. btw its not like I don't know him we are friends. I've never flirted back with him because I am to shy.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'd say he got bored of waiting for you to make some sort of signal and he has moved on to someone else. Sorry if I'm being abit blunt about it.

    • Is there a possibliity that she can get him back?

    • Perhaps, You'd have to be able to tell when he loses interest in whoever it may be... Then you should flirt as he would be open to suggestion and liked you at one point, so it is possible he could again.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah.. I agree with jonny. however for the next time it happens, and some other cutie is flirting, think about how that makes you feel... if you like it, perhaps you could say hi back... it doesn't hurt to be friendly...And you know what I mean when I say being friendly!