Random women pulling their lips inward (happens frequently)?


So this happens a LOT. Like 10 times a day, different women, no prior relationship or any conversation. Happened a couple of hours ago, this really MILFy woman, first did te whole inward lip thing during eye contact, then when she got off at her stop, first looked me in the eye and then literally stared at my crotch for 3-4 seconds. The confidence she had was very impressive.

So we make eye contact, keeps it a little then she pulls her lips inward with a neutral face. That is basically what happens every time.


1. She looks at me, pulls her lips in right after
2. We make brief eye contact, she pulls in her lips
3. We make eye contact, she breaks it and pulls in her lips

Happens with maybe every 5th woman I hold eye contact with, and there is a clear pattern emerging. Happened at least a couple of hundred times last few weeks, so obviously everyone can't have chapped lips. Since we weren't having a conversation it clearly isn't about holding back words.

So when do you usually do it? Nervous energy (in a good way) because of an attractive man giving you intense (even if brief) eye contact?
Random women pulling their lips inward (happens frequently)?
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