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Did he mean it in a good way or bad way? Potential interest?

A friend said I "looked innocent and sweet but I'm really not". My response was that I'm a bit sassy but there was nothing wrong with that and I smiled (basically because I didn't know how else to respond). Backstory: I called him and his friends immature for playing a small prank on me and roughly/playfully shoved his chest because of it. I'm smaller/shorter in comparison to him and dress typically feminine. I joke around a lot (especially sarcastically), share my opinions, but care for my friends and he has seen that. I'm usually nice to everyone but they may take my sense of humor the wrong way? We often don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things (from tv shows to sports it always seems like we are trying to convince the other one why we're the one that's right which can make things interesting but also be a tad frustrating). I'm also not sure if he's intimidated by me because he's often taken aback when I speak academically/eloquently. He knows that other guys have been interested in me but I politely reject their offers and feel really bad about it after but I don't want to lead them on. He also knows I have to work for the summer and that I'm really busy the rest of the year with school too but if I know about it in advance I'll make adjustments. We flirt very (and I mean very) occasionally. And when we were all hanging out as a group he was texting another girl that I'm an acquaintance with and he is friends with who I think he liked in the past. Anyways, do you think he meant the "look innocent but not" thing in a good or bad way? Do you think he might like me? Interested in hearing any other insights.
Did he mean it in a good way or bad way? Potential interest?
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