How to stop crushing on someone?

The life of a 16yrs old teen is not easy. Any way I have this crush on my guy friend and no matter WHAT I do I just can't stop liking him (which I want to), I will try anything like p*ssing him off, arguing with him (but we still be friends after these arguments) and I try to think about all of the negative things about him, but I just can't stop thinking about him especially at nights. I try to avoid him at school (yes we go and are in the same class) but if its not him coming to talk to me or /i want to talk to him.

But I nwant to stop liking him because I want to never like a guy again, since my mistake from my last crush. But the main reason is that I heard him making things clear to the people he hang out with that I am just a friend and he could never like a girl like me (in a embarrassing way). But even that I just can't sop crushing on him!


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  • well some of those things that you do (like tryin to have arguments and such) can actually work towards makin a healthy relationship.. what you need to do is things that do NOT involve him.. like just play sports or go over friend's house or make more friends.. it might seem like it's not helping at first but after awhile you will see that you stop thinkin about him as much.. then you might even run into someone else you like which could expedite the process even more.

    • How could I do that when I hate going at people houses and whenever I am at school he is just there. I mean whenever he is not around I could just sense e is there, Why is that?

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  • Where is he going with his life? What is he doing that gives you any sense of:

    - Security

    - Comfort

    - Good intentions

    - etc

    All I've heard is that you and him bitch, argue, and you think pessimistically about each other. Nothing about having fun or hanging out.. Nothing about romantically sitting down for dinner.. nothing about teasing and flirting.

    It sounds like you just need to step up your standards, this guy shouldn't be in that list if you want to break off your interactions with him.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Hey he maybe a jerk most of the time, but some of the times he could be a good and caring friend to me and for that I think he is better than any friend you may ever have. And we argue sometimes to show our friendship in a different way, besides that is the relationship of a brother and sister. AND I DON'T LIKE THE WAY YOU DIS HIM, SO CUT IT OUT!!!

    • I think you should re-read my answer, because I wasn't intending to be rude. See ya around.

  • "But I nwant to stop liking him because I want to never like a guy again" This seems harsh, and a little bit wrong; You have feelings for a reason, you shouldn't just squash them down. You especially shouldn't "not want to like him" because of something your ex did, not every guy is a douche. Don't hate the whole, by what was probably a less than stellar example of it.

    I can understand how, if he doesn't like you back, you'd want to stop fawning over him; But it should be because that's the natural progression of your feelings, not because some asshole treated you wrong, or you made a mistake, and now you say you've "sworn off liking guys". You say you never want to like a guy again? Like, EVER?

    Don't try and squash or deny your feelings, that's not good for you, just try and recognize that he has no feelings for you. Yes, I KNOW that it's hard, and that that's not great advice, but trying to deny something as real as attraction isn't a great idea either.

    • What you mean that is great advice because I don't want him to like me but I still like him even though I know that and that the problem

    • One up, two down; Evidently not everyone thinks it`s great. Still, if it helps you then I`ve done my job.

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  • Okay I'm going to be a tad bit harsh, but I think you need to hear the truth. You sound immature by saying "but I want to stop liking him because I want to never like a guy again". You don't mean that. You really can't "never like a guy again" because of a mistake with an "ex-crush". Just because the last crush didn't work out, and your current crush doesn't like you, doesn't mean every single guy out there is a "mistake waiting to happen". You just have to be more open-minded, and accepting. I'm sure you'll get over him with time, but for now just keep going with life as you normally would.

    "Every love gone wrong is one step closer to your own true love"

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